We bring decentralized systems together and promote flexible organization and cooperation schemes in the Health Resources and Health Services sectors.
For higher revenue and lower costs.



Sensitive personnel and patient data require increased security standards and data-protection guidelines. These have been consistently implemented and are regularly monitored.



Decentralized systems preserve the client's individuality and data are stored on a decentralized basis. Our services extend these benefits by means of skilled networking in the healthcare ecosystem.



POLYPOINT Services are open and make networking possible, irrespective of the solution implemented. Our services can easily be integrated in existing environments.

Health Services

External appointment booking

POLYPOINT's external appointment booking system enables you to plan directly and with no clashes, in symbiosis with your value creation processes - and in real time.

You make Health Services more flexible outside of your company walls and thus ensure your workforce's capacities are being utilized optimally.

Externe Terminbuchung

External appointment booking – the most important points in short

Externe Termin Buchung - das wichtigste in Kürze

POLYPOINT's external appointment booking system enables you to manage your services offering for external booking yourself, thus having a direct and positive influence on your capacity utilization.

The consumer appointments booked externally are automatically incorporated in your schedule as a business appointment with multiple resources.

Booking for referrers - It's this simple!

Your referrers can find appointments in seconds with POLYPOINT's external appointment booking system.

The overview of the free slots is available at any time in real time. With this system, appointments can be booked directly with the patient and be confirmed without any waiting time.

  • Increased efficiency
  • Simplification
  • Transparency
Zuweiserbuchung - So einfach geht es!

Booking by patients/clients

Patienten-/ Klientenbuchung

Your patients and clients book the service they want independently at any time and from any place.

The patient/client is informed of the service booked by the confirmation e-mail and receives a reminder by SMS one day before the appointment.

  • Always available 24/7
  • Automatically informed
  • Reduction of no-show appointments
  • Participation through direct interaction

Added value for service providers

Increased flexibility enables you to have a direct, positive influence on your capacity utilization, and thus on your revenue.

The booking process is simplified for all stakeholders with optimized planning sequences.

  • Flexible organization of health services 
  • An ordinary consumer appointment becomes a business appointment.
  • Increased efficiency
  • Optimization of the planning sequence
Die Mehrwerte für den Leistungserbringer

Added value for referrers and patients

Mehrwerte für Zuweiser und Patienten

The referrer can make firm plans for the patient's next steps in real time.

Book the desired service as a patient at any time and in any place – simply and independently, without waiting times.

  • Enhanced satisfaction
  • Increased transparency
  • Device-independent (mobile and flexible)
  • Increased efficiency through simplification of the processes
  • Participation through direct interaction

Health Resources

Flexible organization of staff deployment

Flexibilisation der Personaleinsätze

Together with our partner firm careanesth , we make the exchange and deployment of employees from internal and external cooperation schemes more flexible.

Our solution brings more transparency to the availability of employees, their skills and deployment.

In this way, optimal cooperation is made possible for all participants.

Simply, easily and - precisely for that reason - effectively and in a way that’s geared to finding solutions.

Pool management - the most important points in short

Pool management enables you to choose the specialist staff who meet your requirements from the personnel pools provided under internal and external cooperation schemes, or as an exchange with other firms.

In this way, the personnel pool provides a simple and effective solution for short-term and unplanned periods of unavailability or plannable peak staffing times.

careanesth's existing pool management service is being integrated into the jointly-developed service.

Poolmanagement - das wichtigste in Kürze

Find staff

Personal Finden

When staff are unavailable for short periods, or in the event of longer absences, find the specialist staff you need with the desired skills quickly and easily in the personnel pool.

  • Demand-driven personnel planning
  • Personnel planning geared to performance planning
  • Transparency
  • Increased efficiency
  • Cutting staff costs

Be an attractive employer

More flexible work models that allow employees to write their work schedules themselves make employers more attractive. With this system, even workers with a small number of hours have an opportunity to work regularly in the healthcare sector.

  • Tap the labour market's potential
  • Counter the shortage of specialist staff
  • Be an attractive employer
  • Satisfied employees
Attraktiver Arbeitgeber sein

Tailored to the task

Personal Finden

Finden Sie bei kurzfristigen, unvorhergesehenen Ausfällen oder längeren Absenzen Ihrer festangestellten Mitarbeitenden den passenden Ersatz schnell und einfach.

Das integrierte Skills-Management sorgt jederzeit für den optimalen und richtigen Einsatz der Mitarbeitenden. 

Your added value

By using personnel pools – externally, internally or in exchanges with other firms – you deploy your staff when you really need them.

Even a low level of flexible organization leads to a reduction of operating expenses.

  • Flexible organization
  • Tap the potential of your resources
  • Demand-driven personnel planning
  • Cost reduction
Ihre Mehrwerte


Software Development Kit

Software Development Kit

Use our SDK to interact with POLYPOINT Services. With a multitude of functionalities, you can implement even complex requirements in the shortest possible time.

Public API

Public API

As a result of the consistently-open approach of the services, they can easily be integrated into third-party systems and components (B2B & B2C). The independence of technology and providers is guaranteed.Die Unabhängigkeit von Technologie- und Anbieter ist gewährleistet.

Benchmark implementation

Benchmark implementation

User Experience first. Use our reference implementation, if necessary adapt it to your corporate identity. Or simply let yourself be inspired by it and implement your own user interface.